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I'll never forget the event that shook my entire world. It was a sunny afternoon, on a brisk October day. My daughter Kylie was playing in the other room while I was finishing up putting away some dishes. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door.

When I opened the door, I saw two gentleman dressed in formal military attire. As I made eye contact with one of the men, the other took off his hat and slowly bowed his head.

"Ma’am, I regret to inform you, that your husband Michael has been gravely wounded in combat. His platoon encountered an IED while on patrol. He didn't suffer ma'am..."

The soldier continued talking, but after hearing those words... I don't remember much.

The shock from the news zoned me out, I could see his mouth moving, but I couldn't hear anything or make sense of what they were saying after that.

My legs began to tremble as I tried to process what they had just said... then I collapsed onto the ground in tears.

It was my worst fear. My husband of 10 years, my sweet heart, my darling, my best friend, my husband… just like that in a blink of an eye was take away from me forever.

Hi, my name is Debbie Joven, and in the next few minutes I'm going to share my incredible journey with you, that took me from being completely broke in the depths of utter despair, drowning in debt and on the brink of a nervous break down, to becoming an internet millionaire and finding true happiness…

All within a 90 days!

In fact, I even documented this journey and in this presentation I’ll prove this all to you so you’ll have no doubts in your mind.

If you want to absolutely transform your life...

if you have ever wanted to become a millionaire...

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In fact, the deadline for you to get this for free will expire on: 27 October at Midnight EST of this year.

You see, due to the viral success of my students posting about this all over Facebook and Twitter, a national television network has approached me to produce a reality TV show using my amazingly simple methods.

Right now, we’re in the process of negotiating the contractual details, and the final deadline is set for:

27 October at Midnight EST of this year.

After this date, I may no longer hold the rights to this method and I’ve already heard from the production executives that they plan to rebrand and resell this method for at least $1997 a person.

Pay close attention, because if you listen to my story all the way to the end, I’m not only going to show you how you too can do exactly what I did to become a millionaire… but I’ll actually give you access the same exact system totally FREE!

As you can imagine, after my husband Michael died, those were some of the darkest months of my life.

I was constantly in tears, depressed and at one stage suicidal…

If it weren't for my daughter, and the will as a mother to stay strong for her sake, I don't think I would have made it.

I'll never forget the day when I was staring blankly out the window...

My daughter came up and held onto my fingers with her little hands and said "mommy, everything is going to be OK. I know daddy is watching over us from Heaven."

I couldn't help bursting into tears.

All of the memories of us together came flooding back and I couldn't hold it in any longer...

It had been only 14 days since his passing.

What’s worse was because of my emotional stricken stake, I wasn’t able to focus on work and eventually my company let me go at the insurance agency that I worked at.

That was devastating for me and my daughter.

Although I didn't make a lot there, we needed the money to get by more than ever.

Especially after the death of Michael.

You see, my husband had never made much money as a career military man, but I helped out the best I could.

The army assured me that I'd be taken care of after Michael's passing, and to their credit they sort of at least tried.

I received a payment of $100,000 from the US Government as compensation for my husband’s death and it was tax free too.

I was hoping that this would be enough to last my daughter, Kylie and I for at least the next 3 years…

Although I was still deeply depressed, lying in bed for at times 16 hours a day, the $100,000 payment did give me a bit of comfort knowing that we'd be OK... at least for awhile.

I eventually started to feel better with the help of my courageous daughter.

I was sleeping normally again, eating full meals and starting to feel somewhat "normal" when out of the blue I received a depressing phone call.

When I picked up, I was informed that there was an outstanding loan owed by my husband, Michael.

That’s when I remembered that before Michael left, he did give me papers to sign.

At the time, I didn’t really know what I was signing, because Michael assured it was a procedural thing and wasn’t a big deal.

And who knew that he’d suddenly pass away and leave me legally liable for his business debt…

You see, my husband had owned a small wood working business on the side. He loved wood working, and working with his hands, and would sometimes say "Debbie, when I'm done serving our country, I'm going to do this full time".

The only problem was, that although he was a great husband, he wasn’t experienced in starting up his own business. He had taken out loans to get his business started.

I had never really pried too much in terms of asking him how much money we owed the banks, and he had never really mentioned it to me.

That was until the day I was told on the phone that I was legally liable for $85,201.52 worth of outstanding debt borrowed by my husband.

I almost dropped the phone.

A wave of panic started washing over me.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I then heard:

"Ms. Joven, your husband put the house up for collateral. It would be in your best interest to pay this debt if you intend on continuing to live in your home."

I told the cold sounding debt collector, that I would take care of the debt within the next few weeks.

Then, I abruptly hung up the phone so I could process what I've just been told.

I kept asking myself:

"How could Michael get us into such a mess, and keep it all hidden from me?”

Michael had never been very good with money, but I never thought he'd allow himself to get us into so much debt…

And worse yet, keep it all hidden from me!

When I realized that I would only be left with less than $15,000 after paying off Michael’s debts, I started to get really nervous…

That would only last my daughter and I about a few months or less if there were no more surprises.

I immediately cut back on every unnecessary expense I could while I desperately started looking for work.

There would be no more going to Starbucks for coffee, no more getting my nails done, no more going out to eat and the worst yet, was no more dance class for my daughter...

In fact, having her walk away in tears after explaining to her that we couldn't afford it anymore was one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever had to do.

One day, while flipping through the newspaper for jobs, I came across an advertisement giving away free samples of detergent.

Growing up, my mother had always been an avid user of free samples, which to me at the time seemed annoying to have to go through, since most of the free samples were only useful for a limited number of usages and after that you’d run out.

But now things were different. money was tight.

Before Michael died, I had never considered hunting for free samples since it was such a hassle, but times were different now.

Now every penny mattered…

First, I noticed a free sample for some $5 laundry detergent.

Next, I saw a free sample for frozen dinners, another $5 in savings.

After spending about 20 minutes going through the newspaper, I was ready to go grocery shopping.

I spent the rest of the afternoon going through the mall and taking advantage of all the free sample offers I clipped from the newspaper earlier.

At the end of the day I was astonished to find that I saved $37 off my overall bill, which was a little over $100.

That was nearly 40% savings!

I was actually pretty shocked to see how much money I could save by using these free samples. I started wondering how much I could save using free samples for other stuff besides groceries too, and also, where I could get MORE free samples.

Pretty soon, I became an obsessed “free sampler” and was discovering creative new ways to get free samples and save cash.

I got so good, that my friends and family started calling me the "free sample queen", and I was able to come up with new and inventive ways to claim free samples multiple times without breaking their terms and services.

Even though I was saving money, because most of the times I was getting items for absolutely free, I was still struggling to find long term reliable work.

What was scarier was that we only had about $5000 left in for me and my daughter Kylie.

If I didn't find some work soon, we’d be out of money…

I had already maxed out all my credit cards and had no way of paying anything back.

This got me depressed and motivated to find a job even more.

So for the next few days, I dedicated all my time and energy to look for a job.

After a few days of finding nothing and getting zero call backs, I was depressed.

What’s worse was that now I didn’t even have the money to buy newspapers to get free sample coupons.

That’s when an idea popped into my mind, why not search for free samples online?

I was so used to physically cutting out free sample coupons the thought had never occurred to me to try this.

As soon as I started my search I was amazed at what I saw.

I came across a website that had hundreds of free samples, that you could literally print out right on your own computer, or even use your cell phone, and have the store scan the free sample code right off your cell phone!

Instead of picking out 1-2 good free sample coupons per magazine, or newspaper, I now suddenly had more coupons than I knew what to do with.

This cheered me up a little, even though I hadn't found work yet, I did discover something that was going to "save" me more money going forward.

I bookmarked the site then continued my job search.

After a few more hours, my eyes were getting droopy and as I was about to give up for the day, I saw an ad in the work from home section:

“Wanted: Customer Service Rep For free sample Website ($15/h)”.

My eyes lit up, and I immediately applied for the position.

I wrote an extremely long and detailed letter in my application process and told them how experienced I was at finding free samples and why I was perfect for the job.

I confidently clicked “submit” and was certain that I’d get the position.

But after 3 days of no responses, I was confused.

So I logged into the job search website and looked at the same listing I applied for 3 days ago and was shocked to find that the listing was updated and all the positions were taken.

I was really upset and mad, because I thought this was the dream job for me.

As I clicked way from the job listing site, a sudden thought hit me.

Why would these websites that I go to get free samples, actually take the time to list all of these samples, spend money to have the site updated on a daily basis, and then at the end of the day encourage users to try out FREE products without charging access to them?

I mean the free samples on their site were all available for me to use for free, and in fact many of the sites even encouraged me to share it with my friends and family.

And why were they hiring people for $15 an hour to do customer support for a free sample site?

I’m sure the site owner would get paid to give away free samples on their website somehow right?

I decided to get to the bottom of this and called their number.

I pretended to be a customer who wanted to get a free sample that was no longer available.

At first, I wasn’t able to get any information out of the customer support representative, she just kept apologizing that the free item I selected was no longer available and advised me to choose another free item.

However, I persisted to ask annoying questions and wouldn’t let her hang up on me that easily. After 15 minutes of me badgering her that I only wanted that specific free item, the truth finally came out.

Out of frustration the customer support representative said:

“Look, I’m sorry but the coupon you are asking for is expired and the company behind that free item offer has finished spending their advertising budget on that offer. That is why that offer is no longer valid.”

That was the final confirmation I needed.

I already had a sneaking suspicion that the free sample website was making money give away items for free. Because, otherwise why would they be hiring customer support reps for $15 an hour?

What I heard on the phone finally confirmed my suspicions!

And it was crazy to think that a company would not only provide free samples, but actually pay a free sample website to literally give them out for free!

But why are they doing this?

And more importantly, how much money were these free sample websites making?

So I did a bit of digging about free sample sites and what I discovered made me almost fall out of my chair.

I came across this article by Business Insider with the headline: Why Groupon Said No To Google’s $6 Billion!

For those who don’t know who Groupon is, it’s one of the biggest free samples and coupon website on the internet.

I just didn’t know that they would be so profitable to turn down $6 billion dollars from Google!

This got me excited, and I had to do more digging.

Were these kind of sites really this profitable? Maybe it was just a super site like Groupon that could pull in the big bucks.

After hours and hours of research my mind was completely blown.

Groupon wasn’t the only site that was making big money.

In fact, there were plenty of smaller coupon and free sample sites that were generating millions of dollars’ worth of revenue.

The more I researched about this topic the more I was shocked.

In fact, Time magazine did a detailed article about why companies pay to give free samples to customers.

And what’s more amazing was that each year, companies spend BILLIONS of dollars on retailers and websites to give away free items to prospects!

After finding this out, I was blown away.

I just couldn’t get over the fact that people actually get paid, for giving free items away?

Whenever someone claims a free item a website is promoting, the site owner can actually can get paid?

And it’s not like they get paid pennies either, they get paid A LOT, with even small sized free sample sites making millions a year!

Groupon wasn’t the only site that was offered big bucks.

I was confused, but I felt something I haven't had in a long time…

Excitement and hope.

Let me tell you why.

I learned that companies are willing to do almost anything to get consumers to try out their goods, go to their restaurants or simply raise their brand awareness.

84% of ALL companies, have some sort of free item that they offer. These free item offerings are included as part of the marketing budget of the brand.

So not only are they giving you a product for free, but they're also PAYING the company or website that told you about this deal.

That's the secret that very, very few people know about.

I couldn't believe how big the free sample industry was... not only in America, but all over the world.

free samples saved consumers over $3.2 BILLION dollars last year in America alone.

52% of all adults use claim a free item at least once a week, and it's growing. It's an idea that's getting MORE popular, not LESS popular.

I spent days researching about this, and that’s when my daughter Kylie came up with this brilliant idea.

She said “mommy, why don’t you make your own freebie giveaway website”?

That was a great idea.

Except for one thing.

I knew nothing about programming, graphic design, html or any of that tech stuff.

I just really, really knew a lot about free sample websites.

But luckily I had my older brother Steve.

Steve was always a "nerd" and graduated with a degree in computer science. It was actually Steve who introduced me to my late husband Michael.

Once I told Steve my idea, he immediately saw the potential.

I told him I didn’t have a lot of money and I needed this to work fast.

He agreed to help me build my first free sample giveaway website, and the best thing was that he’d do it for free.

Over the course of the next few days, we started to plan, build and test my concept for my very own free sample giveaway website.

I took all of the best ideas I saw from the very freebie giveaway sites I used on a daily basis, and developed my own version.

And only after 3 days, Steve had the first draft of my coupon site ready.

This is a screenshot of what it looked like:

I was so excited and busy during this process that I didn’t realize my savings were down to only $3000 in my bank account.

What’s worst was that I still didn’t have a job.

That meant I only had 2 months at best to survive essentially before my bank account would be $0.

I spent the next few weeks studying everything I could about how to attract people to my website and claim freebies from my site.

I read every article on Google, read as many blog posts as I could, watched and then listened to every YouTube guru about how to get web traffic to my website.

I know that you could pay for advertising to send traffic to my site, but remember I didn’t have extra money to spare…

That’s why I had to focus and rely on free methods to get traffic to my site.

And trust me, it was very exhausting and I was on the verge of giving up…

That was when it happened…

I woke up from a long sleep, and I went to my computer like I always did in the morning. I looked at my statistics. I made $20 while I was sleeping.

I had only previously been making $4-$5 dollars for the entire day profit, but making $20 overnight, really gave me some hope. It was nearing the end of March, about a month since I launched my website.

I looked at the final numbers, I had only made $200 for the whole month.

I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but for someone who had never made money on the internet before, it was a brand new concept, and I immediately saw the potential. I told myself, “This is just the beginning”.

And I was right…

You see, the thing about giving away free items, is that people who claim them want to continually get more of them since it’s essentially like free money.

All of those visitors that discovered my website in March, were now coming back on a daily basis, to look for the newest free items to claim. Not only that, but they were telling other people about my website too!

In March I only had 1000 visitors to my website, and made about $200, and by April 15th, 2 weeks later, I had already made another $500 with over 3000 visitors!

By the end of the month, I had made $1300!

This was great because by then, my savings were down to the last $1000…

By the end of the third month, May, my traffic had grown to over 40,000 visitors per month, and that was enough for me to start earning over $10,000 per month profit.

Yes, you heard that correctly, within 3 months, my freebie giveaway site was making $10,000 a month!

Needless to say, by the end of that year, I was no longer worried about money. I was clearing in excess of $100,000 EVERY month.

Making this kind of money, it did not take me very long to become a millionaire.

I can’t tell you what it feels like to go from dead broke, literally cutting out coupons to survive to being a millionaire in less than a year… it’s an indescribable feeling. Sometimes I still pinch myself when I wake up to make sure I’m not dreaming.

I went from worrying about if I was going to be kicked out of my house and living on the streets, to wondering if I should buy a new Mercedes and a 2nd home.

I no longer had to think about trying to find a job, instead my day consisted of spending time with my daughter, checking my website analytics from my home computer (or sometimes on my cell phone when I’m out shopping), going on vacation and spending more time with friends.

For the first time in my life since I lost my husband, I felt truly happy, and proud of myself for what I accomplished.

My friends and family then started coming to me for advice.

Steve, my brother, who helped me build my site was the first to approach me.

He was shocked and amazed at how profitable the site he built for me had become.

So I showed him step by step the ins and outs on how to get visitors to his website.

Next, it was some of the women I met in my support group for widows of fallen soldiers. There were women going through the same money situation as I was, and since I was in that same position not too long ago, I knew exactly how they felt. So I wanted to do my best to help them.

You see, the beauty about getting to the point where money isn’t a worry anymore, you start thinking about life differently. I started thinking about how I got to where I was now.

I started thinking about how I could make a difference in the world, and make people’s lives better.

I realized that helping my brother Steve and the women in my support group make money online, brought me even more joy than it did making myself money.

I started thinking to myself, “heck, maybe I’ll stop focusing on how to make more money for myself, and start teaching these secrets to other people.”

After all, I knew exactly how it felt to be on the verge of poverty, and helping people achieve financial freedom for themselves would bring me more joy than focusing on just living for myself and trying to make millions of dollars more.

So once again, I got Steve to help me create a system that would allow anyone, regardless of if they have any computer experience at all, get their very own coupon website.

I have to say these websites have come a long way since I first started. The websites I use now are way nicer than what I originally started out with. Just take a look for yourself.

Pretty nice huh? I bet you're wondering how easy these are to use too right?

If you’d like to start tapping into the enormous money making potential with your VERY own freebie giveaway website, the same website I used to make my fortune, you just may be in luck.

Because now is your lucky day…

You see, I’m not going to charge you $1997 like the greedy television executive suggested that they’d do after they buy the rights to my method.

I’m not going to try to sell you your very own money generating freebie giveaway site for $497.

Times are tough right now; I know most people don’t have hundreds of dollars lying around. I get it. I was there; I know what it’s like.

Remember that a national television network has approached me to produce a reality TV show using my amazingly simple methods.

Let me remind you that we’re in the process of negotiating the contractual details, and the final deadline is set for:

27 October at Midnight EST of this year.

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Every website on the internet requires a server to host it.

The sites I’m going to give you are no different. In fact, the website I am giving you will be custom built on advanced enterprise technology and will be hosted, managed and maintained by a 3rd party hosting company.

So only I ask you to pay for the small cost of hosting your site.

Now, the hosting is what allows the website to be “online” if you’re not familiar with what it is. Every website on the internet has to use a web host to keep itself online. Most web hosts charge anywhere from $20 to $40 per month.

But the best thing is, unlike other website hosting companies out there that charge you a monthly hosting fee, I’m going not even going to charge you a monthly fee.

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Fast Action Bonus #1: 7 Fool Proof Methods To Get Free Traffic Special Report

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I literally spent hundreds of hours researching these methods, and tested every single one of them personally. I’ve included the ones that worked the best for me, and left out the methods that didn’t work.

I created a guide called “7 Fool Proof Methods To Get Free Traffic” which contains all of my best secrets on getting visitors to your coupon website, absolutely free!

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Of course, I’ll always be here for you if you have any questions or need some advice on anything every step of the way also.

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We’ll show you how to handle everything on your new freebie giveaway website, from start to finish. Again, if my 72 year old neighbor can understand it, I’m sure you’re not going to have a problem at all, even if you’re not familiar with computers whatsoever.

Everything will be set up with step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your new profit generating coupon business.

Now, you may be wondering why I’d be willing to literally give you your own website. The same type of website that I used to make all my money, for FREE.

Well, there are a few reasons to be honest. I’ve been fortunate enough to make enough money to never have to worry about money again.

I’ve also struggled and know what it is like to be searching desperately for work, or just not having enough money to make ends meet.

I believe everyone has the right to enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed – not stressing out about money. The joy I get from helping other people achieve financial success is almost payment enough.

Finally, I plan on creating my own charity to support widows of fallen soldiers in the military. If I can help enough people get financial freedom, it will raise my own popularity and hopefully help drive donations to the charity.

Not a bad plan right?

One more thing, the sale of the rights to the television network will provide the funds to kick start this charity, so after the settlement date on:

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